Juliet Nguyen: Wage Thief

Wage Theft Alert


Local Allstate franchise owner* Juliet Nguyen of the Capitol Hill Insurance Group, recently paid an employee less than minimum wage for nearly two months. When the employee worked up the nerve to bring this issue to Juliet’s attention, carefully citing the minimum wage law to show her that she had been paying him several dollars an hour below minimum wage, she quickly found an excuse to fire him several days later in retaliation for his self-advocacy.

The worker, facing extreme financial hardship from being underpaid and then fired in retaliation, reached out to Seattle Solidarity Network for help. After meeting with the worker and reviewing his carefully documented pay stubs and communications with the manager, we quickly agreed that this was a righteous fight and one that we would like to help with. On Friday October 12th, Seattle Solidarity Network mobilized around 25 community members to go to the Capitol Hill Insurance Group offices on Pine Street to deliver a demand clearly stating the amount of money that is still owed to the worker. Unfortunately, all that we have received from Juliet since delivering the demand has been a slew of excuses as to why she feels entitled to have paid her employee less than $15 an hour and then fire him in retaliation for asking about the legality of it.

While we had hoped for a swift and easy resolution to this issue, we have been busy preparing for this campaign the entire time. We will continue to mobilize our community alongside the worker who Juliet wronged until she makes the right choice and compensates him fully at $15 an hour for the time he worked at her office. The amount of money required to resolve this issue is far less than the minimum fine for a retaliatory firing of an employee after they observed they were being underpaid. Until Juliet makes the right choice and this issue is resolved, we implore you to consider taking your business elsewhere for all of your insurance needs.

*Capitol Hill Insurance group sells Allstate insurance and uses all of the company’s software and hardware to do so.

Want to Help?

Leave a review letting the world know about Juliet’s business practices and how you feel about her taking advantage of workers in our community at one or all of the following locations: